HYIP Review : 0.06% - 3% Hourly Forever Hyip Site

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Viqai new hyip site review. Opportunity to earn profit at the end of each hour and period with a total of 16 online investment plans. With a minimum investment of 1 USD, forever profit income per hour. Hourly profit return up to 3% in plans that pay forever according to the amount of investment made.

The Viqai hyip site expresses itself as: ''From data collection to justified entry into the market based on dozens of criteria - VIQ AI is a completely autonomous artificial intelligence that processes incredibly large amounts of data in a minimal amount of time, thereby bringing a stable and high income. VIQ AI replaces a whole staff of experienced traders.
In 1 minute, VIQ AI analyzes information, for the study of which, a person would have needed years. Mathematical expectation and profit factor ensure stable profit for us and our investors. AI has neither fear, nor greed, nor any external factors. Only cold calculation and action.
Our AI systems learn to create patterns, taking into account any market conditions. VIQ AI is not a simple trading robot, script, or indicator. VIQ AI is a software package based on a neural network and artificial intelligence, which consists of three main modules.
The VIQ AI module explores historical and real-time data, the size of markets in a given period, candlestick patterns and price-action scenarios, making up a constantly updated foundation for the next module - VIQ AI Pattern Builder.''

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