Vanathai Pola & Poove Unakkaga Mahasangamam - Full Episode | Part - 2 | 03 Feb 2021 | Sun TV

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Watch the Special Episode of Vanathai Pola & Poove Unakkaga Mahasangamam, that airs on Sun TV.

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Vanathai Pola is a family drama serial on Sun TV. Chinraasu, a compassionate villager, loved by the whole village and Thulasi, a cheerful & fun-loving young girl are siblings who can go to any lengths for each other. They lose their parents at a very young age and raised by their grandmother. Follow this unique story about the sibling bond shared by Chinraasu and Thulasi, as they stand by each other, while finding love & joy in the trials of life.

Poove Unakkaga is a drama serial on Sun TV. Poovarasi and Keerthy share a heart-warming bond of friendship and hope to stay friends forever. Poovarasi promises her mother that she won’t fall-in-love with anyone, but often dreams about a mysterious man. By a stroke of fate, he happens to be Kathir, a rich and handsome young man who falls in love with Keerthy at first sight. Watch this refreshing tale of love and friendship to know more.

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