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- Canon EF 50mm STM Lens

This lens is quickly becoming my first pick out of my camera bag. It is such a versatile lens for so many different scenarios. As a walk around in suburban/urban environments this lens rocks.
It has a very low profile, sans lens hood, and is fairly light. I use it with my Rebel T3. On a crop sensor, this lens is a go-to, but it wont be a full time replacement for indoor shooting.
I do still keep my 18-55mm kit lens with one major callout that Im going to give is towards the argument that I kept running into as a beginning amateur photographer: Do you need to buy a prime lens or is the 18-55mm kit lens all you truly need for basic photography?
The answer that I have come to is: it depends on how you like to work. I can set my 18-55mm to 50mm and I can tweak a lot of settings on my T3 to get a similar image from this prime lens.
However, I tend to rely more on flash, due to the aperture, and I have to do a lot of post processing to clean up the image. With my prime, I do less work.
I also have more moments where I may only need to process the image with one go.
I also have moments were I look at the picture I captured and deem it to be of good enough quality to let it be without anything more than an onboard jpeg TL;DR of this story: Its up to you if you want to buy a prime or stick it out with a kit lens.
Just know that in my experience, I tend to really work the kit lens and process the image, whereas I can shoot and worry less with my one thing that I would say that you might want to be aware of is the focus.
My in depth study of this 50mm and its older brother is that AF is finicky. I have noticed it and overlooked it until I went out on a cold night.
Ambient temps were right around 40 degrees and it seemed that this lens body was much colder in a shorter time versus something like my kit. This, I believe, threw the AF off even more.
Its not enough to knock a star off, but it make the expected behavior of the AF to exaggerate itself compared to similar subjects with warmer temps. ***TWO YEAR UPDATE***This lens is still awesome.
I recently upgraded my camera (Rebel T6) and I have found that this lens is getting better and better. Using a 50mm on a crop sensor presents interesting challenges and rewards.
In some cases, the DOF creates some unique bokeh. At other times, the sharpness from this lens surprises me. Each time I push this lens it shows me that it can do more.
The one fault that I can say about the lens (not worth knocking a star off because the price point doesnt allow it) is that it is difficult to work with in astrophotography.
The two main issues are: 1) this lens lacks a physical indicator of focus, hard to find infinity, and 2) The focal length + crop sensor combo doesnt allow for long exposures before star trails happen.
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