Trick My Trailer Part 1: MORryde CRE 3000 RV Suspension + All-New Underside!

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We're keeping our travel trailer after 3 years of full-time RV living so let the upgrades begin! We're starting from the bottom up. In this video, we'll tackle the entire underside of our travel trailer including the Suspension, Cross Members, Brakes, and Axles. A special thank you to MORryde for their generosity and Cliffs Welding for their fantastic service.


CRE3000 (wide trak)
Wet bolt kit
X-factor crossmember
StepAbove RV steps
Step Storage Box

MORryde has an impeccable reputation for all things suspension on RVs. You can get their products at your local distributor/RV shop by searching here -

We HIGHLY recommend Cliffs Welding if you are in the Phoenix area.


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