TODOROKI SONG - Ice Cold | FabvL ft DizzyEight & Khantrast [My Hero Academia]

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This week it's a My Hero Academia, Shoto Todoroki inspired song because ya'll loved the Dabi song so much I figured why not! Huge thank you to DizzyEight and Khantrast for taking this one to a whole new level (links to their channels below). Don't forget to comment down below and like the video if you enjoyed it! #FF #MyHeroAcademia #Todoroki

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-Featured Artists-
DizzyEight -
Khantrast -
Art by Michael Rush -
Video by Alket -

Song Credits:
► Mix Engineer - FabvL
►Vocal Performance - FabvL
►Composition/Songwriting - FabvL
► Instrumental Production - FabvL/ADawg
► Mastered by - FabvL
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