The Call of Silence: Will you embrace the invitation?

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The Call of Silence: Will you embrace the invitation?

There's a great deal of noise and trauma in the world for us all to see right now. Yet, in Silence we realise truth.

This Stream is dedicated to: The Call of Silence and why we are ALL, without exception invited to the Realisation of a Lifetime.

Everything is vibration and all vibrations return to Silence. Meditation is not about stilling the mind, it's about realising and embracing the inner Silence that is already present and the mind will automatically become still.

The stream also explores why beliefs are limiting, create suffering and at the core of every belief is the deepest suffering but also an invitation to Self Realisation.

The Stream about belief referred to can be found here, Beyond Belief is truth:

The short and beautiful Insightful 5 minute Video Fish Discover Water Last can also be found as a stand-alone video here:

Included in the stream are some inspirational and insightful videos and beautiful Harp Music.

The Poem insight shared in the stream can be found here:


Philip guides you into opening to Infinite Silence your innate truth and essence in a profoundly simple way. As each day goes by less guidance and more silence is shared to help you deepen it for yourself.

Below is the link for the 7 Days all in one place:

Infinite Silence is a term that emerged directly from the Silence itSELF as a pointing to itSELF. Absolute Consciousness. Since that time it has been used as direct pointing along with the term Spheres Of Light which also emerged from the Silence and is the 'first born' of it. It can also be referred to as the Universal (non-personal I AM Presence). Both these terms Infinite Silence and Spheres Of Light carry the signature of those energies/consciousness with them.

Practiced regularly this meditation will guide you into Self Realisation for Infinite Silence is that SELF.

The beautiful Harp Music on the video is courtesy of my friends Tara Annette & Ken Cook, Omnisphere, Track: "Opening" - Copyright theirs 2016

This meditation is also available on Insight Timer:

You can also visit my website for a host of free resources.

which contains a host of profound spiritual insights, insights relating to the videos details of events and a lot more.






This recording took place at the Universal Studio, near the beautiful Cathedral City of Ripon North Yorkshire, UK. The Universal Studio is a purpose built facility at the home of Philip and his Wife Sue. It includes:

The Universal Studio itself
Zen Garden with water feature
The Glad Stones Meditation Circle and Fire Pit
The Spiral Meditation Garden
Woodland Garden
Woodland Meditation Space
Wild Flower Mounds, Front Lawn and Gardens

To attend events go to:

To book a One to One with Philip go to:

Self Realisation is the ultimate resolution of the question: Who am I?

The ultimate truth of who you really are. It has absolutely nothing to do with who you think and believe you are. Indeed it is beyond and before thinking and experience as we typically know it.

Infinite Silence Experience Video:

2020 Infinite Silence (NOW) New Year Meditation:

Guided Meditation originally for International Peace Day:

Both around 30 mins.

Blessings in Infinite Silence, Philip

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