The Amanda Bynes Story: Part 1

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THIS was a beast to put together so please like it if you likey and subscribe to see more from me in the future
Also please be respectful in the comments this is a real human being with a life far more nuanced than I can convey in a 50 minute video

I also made the tweet animations myself and im a noob so please go easy on the kid

Part 2 will be up in probably a week or so, I just need to edit it (Its midterm time so be patient please :) )

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music: Times of Your Life - Monkey Warhol

00:00 intro
01:28 Beginnings
04:48 The Big Screen
13:59 Typecasting
16:17 2007
19:49 Retired
22:49 In Trouble
31:39 Tweets
41:09 The Vase

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