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INFO on Blue NEIL_2 ======================

I sorta didn't focus on Neil_2 as I have already made a video about what's going on down in the tunnel and this one is more focused on the broad battle.
It's alittle dated as it was my first video and new details have since emerged, but it will still give you a better idea about where he came from.

(Spanish Subtitles)

First Half: RED forward time: follow the Red characters
Second Hald BLUE: Reverse time: follow the Blue Characters

Note about the Landscape layout:
I studied the battle scenes closely , trying to figure out the landscape.
In the briefing, Ives has a satellite map of Stalsk-12, and it shows that it is all in a strait line, left to right.

But in the battle scenes, the way it is filmed, we clearly see that the Landing is just near the Hill Top extraction, which implies a sort of U-Turn shape to the battle. After much debate, I opted for the U-turn shape, as that is the most clear evidence I could find.

Take a look at the last frames of this video, all the way past the credits.
I posted the two images that show that the Landing and the Extraction on the hill are next to each other, forming a U shape.


Special thanks to:
The Reddit crew


A step by step breakdown of the Stalsk-12 battle logistics.

Alexander Do for his helpful video and information
TENET Stalsk-12 Scene / Final Battle Timeline – Animated Interpretation

Soundtrack: TENET Official Soundtrack | FULL ALBUM - Ludwig Göransson |

Tenet Soundtrack: Posterity (extended film version) Part 2

Why Do they need to Shoot the Building?

Ives states it: "If they see us ( Go in the Tunnel) then it's all for nothing."

The whole object of the mission was to create a distraction to make it appear as if they are trying to stop the explosion from burying the Algorithm.
But they want to make it look like they fail, so that Sator kills himself and alerts the Future that the algorithm is there waiting for them.

But in reality, They sneak in and steal it before it can be buried. If they are discovered, Sator would not kill himself and take the algorithm somewhere else to hide. And Tenet doesn't have that information to stop them.

It is just coincidence that they know about this Exact day and motive from Kat and Sir Crosby. Next time , they won't be so lucky. And they won't know where to go to stop him.
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