Stalker Day 36 - Exploring Mystery Lake - Learning Survival Mode - #TheLongDark #Livestream

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We've moved most of our gear to the Trapper's Hut in Mystery Lake. We've set-up some snares and successfully caught some rabbits nearby and have enough food. Some water is required but we'll start exploring the map.

The first in our run of the survival sandbox parts of the game. We've completed Story Mode and based on testing, Stalker is the right level for us to begin learning Survival Mode.

NB: Survival Livestreams will be uploaded and published unedited to provide full visibility. Some offline work happened in the last few days to transfer gear to Mystery Lake between the end of the last stream and the start of this one.

Use timestamps to skip ahead if you want to:

00:00 - Sound check.
Nothing of substance and primarily silence. Please skip.

01:14- Preliminary Discussion
Discusssing current progress and aims for the stream

04:24 - Day 36
38:52 - Day 37
1:18:45 - Day 38
2:16:41 - Day 39
3:07:55 - Day 40
3:51:29 - Day 41
4:37:40 - Day 42
5:14:45 - Day 43
5:33:03 - Day 44
6:24:52 - Closing Comments

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