Scott Morrison, the car industry and the ‘zero emissions’ lie | Auto Expert John Cadogan

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“Automotive sector already on a path to zero emissions in 2050” - that's what the press release said, anyway. In reality it's a load of rubbish - there's no such thing as a zero emissions car. And there never will be.

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There’s about 1000 kilos of steel in an average car, dudes. It takes 600 kilos of coke to make 1000 kilos of steel. The coke I’m talking about is a consequence of burning 750-ish kilos of coal. This is what you must do to make 600 kilos of metallurgical coke to make 1000 kilos of steel, to make one car - even an electric one.

So, it depends on the coal, but the CO2 to coal ratio is typically about two for one by weight - so it’s about 1500 kilos of CO2 just to make the coke to make 1000 kilos of steel to make one car.

This does not include the various manufacturing processes, and the other ingredients and shipping a million cars here on ships powered by heavy fuel oil. It’s just to make the raw steel to make one car.

This is why humanity can’t consume its way to a solution to the CO2 problem. It’s a real problem if you sell products and want to greenwash them.

Not to labour the point but if you make a car out of aluminium, like those environmental vandals at Audi (spruiking its recyclability disingenuously) or even largely out of aluminium parts, like EJ, the pro tip there is every 1000 kilos of aluminium intrinsically involves the emission of about 10,400 kilos of CO2. Let’s call it 10 for one, kilos of CO2 per kilo of aluminium, in every new car.

This ratio is the same, roughly, irrespective of whether you make a shiny new aluminium shitbox from recycled Coke cans or from virgin bauxite, inconveniently. Recycling doesn’t really save you any CO2 when it comes to aluminium.

So, against this inconvenient backdrop of … ahhh … facts, how exactly are we going to justify the allegation of zero emissions, in 30 years, down under?

“The direction being proposed by the Prime Minister is an important signal that Australia is joining the rest of the world in setting a timeframe on the elimination of carbon emissions.” - Tony Weber

I see. So, it’s a lobby group suck-piece. That explains a lot. Tony Weber there (boss of the anti-consumer lobby mob).

If you’re not from around here, the Haustralian Prime Mincer is Scott Morrison, a coal industry-humping Pentacostal worshipper, more or less. Pentacostals, of course, believe that the fate of human beings sort of hinges on the battle between Jesus and Satan, and not so much on the burning of fossil fuels.

So that's virtually a conflict of
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