Samuel L. Jackson Movie Moments People Can't Stop Pausing

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Whether he's delivering one-liners, beating up bad guys, or just looking super cool, Samuel L. Jackson has given us plenty of pause-worthy movie moments. Keep watching to see some of the most memorable ones of his career.

Pulp Fiction wasn't Jackson's first movie, but it was the first time we saw him at the height of his powers, especially in that scene where he confronts a group of young punks. This moment is quintessential Sam Jackson. He plays a hitman named Jules Winnfield who works for the gangster Marsellus Wallace. He and his associate Vincent Vega are sent to retrieve a briefcase from Brett, a petty crook who's trying to double-cross Marsellus. Basically, Jules is going to kill Brett no matter what, but in typical hitman style, he must first scare and humiliate him.

Brett attempts to play off his betrayal as a misunderstanding. While he's trying to explain his side of the story, Jules casually shoots a man lying on the couch. Naturally, Brett is absolutely terrified, but Jules doesn't offer him much sympathy.

Soon after the gunshot, Jules starts interrogating a terrified Brett, who can only bring himself to say "What?" every time Jules asks a question. Jules gets so frustrated that he sticks a gun in his face and shouts:

You'll want to pause this fantastic moment to appreciate every frame of this darkly hysterical scene.

Attack of the Clones disappointed a lot of Star Wars fans, but it's redeemed at least a little by the Battle of Geonosis. In a colosseum, the villainous Count Dooku stands on a high perch like a Roman emperor, watching the execution of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme below him. Little does Dooku know, though, that an army of Jedi and clones are about to storm the planet. And who should be the one to deliver this epic news to him? Why, none other than Jedi Master Mace Windu. Keep watching the video to see all the Samuel L. Jackson movie moments people can't stop pausing!


Pulp Fiction | 0:00
Attack of the Clones | 1:25
Captain America: The Winter Soldier | 2:42
Unbreakable | 3:45
The Other Guys | 5:05
The Avengers | 6:10
Deep Blue Sea | 7:06
Revenge of the Sith | 8:21
Snakes on a Plane | 9:23
The Incredibles | 10:33

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