Reviews: Byhagern 5 pcs Reusable Safety Face Shields Set with Glasses, Everyday Use

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- Byhagern 5 pcs Reusable Safety Face Shields Set with Glasses, Everyday Use

One of my coworkers complained that she didn’t like the shields that go on her forehead because they give her headache. I took a chance and bought these and she says it is really comfortable.
This one has a shorter shield and you can see in the picture where it hits on her face. I’ve seen some that are a lot longer. This would be my length of choice for a shield on my face.
All you have to do is take the glasses and assemble them onto the shield which is just popping a rubber piece through a hole on the shield and there’s also a protective cover on the front and back side of the shields and you peel those off.
The glasses are sturdy and comfortable and the shield is very clear to see through it does distort your vision.
I love this shields. Really comfortable and doesn't feel heavy at all. I even forget i have it on. People asking where I hot it because it even looks good on.
This doesn't rub my face and breathable. You have to realize there are two side coatings you have to remove. I took off one of them and thought it sucked as it was milky, then realized there was a covering on the other side. Super clear.
A friend had purchased from this seller and recommended. I thought perfect as it doesn't block access to face and lips. Very breathable. Good quality. Fast delivery and happy I found this seller! Will share with others.
Love it, fast shipping. This is the best face covering I have purchased. I love that I can breathe, eat and drink without having to remove it. Super convenient!
This is a great design face shield because what makes it different is the nose attachment at center. That helps give it support & separation with nose & face while made from PVC material.
I do not wear eye glasses but do wear sunglasses when outside & this is comfortable when wearing. It has a curved shape to it which is a better design than other face shields & ones size fits all.
Anti-fog, anti dust & protects from splash from spray & saliva. Protects from elements of wind, smoke& debris with a clear transparent shield. Gives you full face protection.
If wanting added protection can add a mask too. It can be cleaned with soap & water then wipe it with a disinfectant to sanitize. These are very light to wear & do not have any issues with breathing.
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