Prom Dress GCMV || Gacha Club Music Video

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Prom Dress GCMV || Gacha Club Music Video


Sorry for reuploading,, AAAA I had to remove something that was bothering me. QwQ

I sat a whole 8 hours at my couch to make this GCMV // Gacha Club Music Video so hopefully, you guys will enjoy it!


(Time takes place in the future when Anne and Heather are adults.)

Hope was an orphan that was adopted by both Anne and Heather so they are her adoptive parents. Going to high school, she had expectations of making new friends but that was soon ruined by her homophobic classmates who bullied her and called her an orphan. She gets upset, but starts to notice that why does it matter what others think?

Family comes first, after all, bound by blood or not.

Apps Used:
Cute Cut (Pro)
Kinemaster (Premium)
Gacha Club

Cover by: Regina Pimentel
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#GachaClub #PromDress
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