Plantae Presents Panel - Specialized Metabolites and Defense

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This webinar is part of our series of webinars that are drawn from contributed short videos, followed by a panel discussion. In this webinar we look at the topic of specialized metabolites, featuring scientists from France, England, and Brazil, moderated by Gitanjali Yadav.

Plants are amazing chemists and have evolved a fantastic array of specialized metabolites with diverse functions. Some have roles in development, some in protection and defense, some attract pollinators, and some have functions we haven't discovered yet! Watch this recording for a look at some of these fascinating small molecules.

Huazhen Liu and Tatsushi Kurokawa: Pipecolic acid-mediated signaling in plants
Ian Major: Global restraint of specialized metabolism by the JAZ-MYC signaling module
Anuradha Singh: Effectiveness of plant’s physical and chemical defense responses against aphids
Aanchal Choudhary: Drought as a determinant of the plant immunity against bacterial pathogens
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