Niyaab Niaz - Silence

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Violin: Natalia Dmukhovskaia @AirGigs
Image: "drown again" by Aimanness Photography is licensed under CC BY
Water sound by "Free to use sounds"
Everything else: Shay

and as the wind blow
nothing at all
looking inside me
i won't let go

too many people
but not the right one
missing you dearly
my little one

and I will live in silence

remembering the way
you answered the phone
it sounded like magic
when you said 'hello'

and as the wind blows
nothing at all
no malice in nature
bad timing that's all

and I will live in silence

too much water
a boat in the sea
your frail body
taken from me

shouting for help
throat became sore
my voice couldn't save you
i shall speak no more.
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