Neverwinter Mod 19 - Junk in Treasure Maps Chests Avernus + Camping Blood War Demon Boss Northside

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Okay, i`ll voice it out, i just needed alot of time to go trought over 1000 maps and get some reasonable results with mod 19 avernus maps and content in the chest when you dig them up eventually, and naturally drop rate was absolutely this video is not so much about drop rate increase, my point is there so much and too much junk inside that just fills the inventory with somewhat usefull rp but other then that when you get all the gear (if one need the gear from them) or hammers, other drops are absolutely horror, pure rng got stuff from 3 mods before.
As i said in video this personally does not concerns me as i roll with lionheart weapons however i`m not selfish and if i did not get the LH i would want these weapons, and i still do i like to gather gear, and majority of players i talked to and wanted me to voice this out told me they are after legion guard weapons, but that is just my sample.
Now they did increased drop rate of maps i talked about this too, now you tell me in coments how conistent this is and how much you are geting, maps, drops weapons etc.
Second part of the video is how to camp the demon boss and get those rings, if you need them, blood war demon boss spawns and in theory you can get all rings if you are lucky on legendary level.

Special thank`s to Stefan for edit and artwork much love brother.

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Barbarian DPS Written Guide for Avernus PVE by Mystique

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