Minecraft Q-Tech | ALL TECH MOD PACK! #1 [Modded Minecraft 1.15 With Quests]

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Q-Tech is a new Minecraft mod pack from the creator of Age of Engineering. A questing, progression based tech pack showcasing some of the best and newest tech mods for Minecraft !
Minecraft Q-Tech | ALL TECH MOD PACK! #1 [Modded Minecraft ] with GamingOnCaffeine
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Q-Tech -

About Q-Tech
- light-weight as it has only about 80 mods.
- just like Age of Engineering a tech based progression pack
- non-expert: the recipes are changed a bit so that you have to progress through the mods, but not made hard.
- a pack with an end goal. While the recipes are not hard, completing the pack is still a challenge. You need to progress and automate.
- incorporating new tech mods like Powah and Silent's Mechanisms in the tech progression.
- possible to be completed in a way shorter amount of time than most progression packs.

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