Minecraft Bedrock: Expert Guardian Farm Tutorial! Level 30 In 30 Seconds! MCPE Xbox PC

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Welcome to another Bedrock Edition tutorial! Today I show you how to build an Expert Level Guardian farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition! This is an excellent EXP farm getting you 50 levels in minutes! This farm produces up to 45k drops per hour! It also has three modes, overworld only, and nether killing, and an full off switch! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you did, share it around with others so they can as well! Don't forget to subscribe so you see future tutorials????????

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-Latest video! Truly Bedrock S2 Ep28! Expert GUARDIAN FARM Complete!

Updated Trident killer! Everything you need to know about trident killers:

How to link nether portals PROPERLY:

Minecraft Bedrock Tutorials! Full playlist!

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0:00 Overview/Rates/How To Use
5:19 Mechanics
8:48 Tutorial Start, Preparation
10:42 Spawn Spot Mapping
14:52 Guardian Cell Building
20:46 Water Streams
25:25 Redstone Lines
29:20 Guardian Farm Completion

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Music by Argofox:

MATERIALS LIST: Expensive, but worth it :D
2,960 solid blocks (for floor) (46 stacks & 16)
928 glass (for main walls) (14 stacks & 32)
556 redstone dust (8 stacks & 44)
329 packed ice (5 stacks & 11)
324 slabs (5 stacks & 7)
302 glass for water streams (4 stacks & 46)
255 solid blocks (3 stacks & 33)
250 obsidian (3 stacks & 28)
145 glass (for elevator/afk) (2 stacks & 17)
79 repeaters (1 stack & 15)
50 redstone torches
36 buttons (for water streams)
29 chests
25 levers (temporary)
25 water buckets
25 impaling 3 tridents
25 sticky pistons
25 pistons
25 observers
25 trapdoors
25 stairs
25 dispensers
12 hoppers
2 levers
1 soul sand

locator map
infinite water source (or just the ocean?!)
looting 3 sword
harming 2 splash potions

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