Khan's Pass - NG+ Mod for King's Pass

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Completing King's Pass in the NG+ Mod by Khan, which places a lot of spikes all over the place, gives you the mantis claw, and disables pogoing. Now you need to do some interesting platforming to make it through by hitting some levers (that reset after you die) to open the way to the end.

It's not an ideal clear but it's pretty easy to goof at various points. Overall looks like the mod will add more difficult platforming and possibly focus on parry mechanics as it's further developed.

Per Khan the soul totem near the final part has been modified to be infinite (that's definitely the most annoying bit of platforming).

You can play this by installing the mod from the modinstaller, which can be obtained at

You can also get the modinstaller at the HK Discord at (check modding discussion pins)

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