Kaldheim Spoilers — January 9 | World Tree, Cat Car, Koma, Insane MDFC Gods, Trolls and More!!!

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We've reached day three of Kaldheim spoiler season, and the absurd cards just keep coming! Today we get to look at one of the best mana fixing lands ever, the 2021 edition of Verdant Force, two crazy new MDFC Gods, a literal Troll card and much more. Let's break it down!

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0:00 Start
0:39 Koma
5:30 The World Tree
10:59 Esika / The Prismatic Bridge
16:53 Cosmoc Charger
19:02 Tergrid
25:41 Dragon-Nest Berserker
29:10 The Trolls' Awakening
32:36 Reckless Crew
36:03 Rise of the Marnhorde
39:12 Search for Glory
42:11 Saw it Coming
42:55 Rally the Ranks
43:40 Esika's Chariot
45:15 Other Stuff
45:53 Wrap Up
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