Jurassic Park 3 | W/ REALISTIC DINOSAUR SOUNDS (2021)

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As with before, I'm using digital methods to increase the size of birds and mixing the gaps with reptile sounds that I'm also modulated based on the research of bone and olfactory cavity of the animals.

That said, I have little to no idea what noises a Spinosaurus would could be purely bellowy like a croc, or like a giant pissed-off pelican of death. We know now that they were primary in the water for most of their lives, not hunting as much as fishing in a sense. From the Baryonx to the Suchomimus, you can see curving of the teeth begin and finally mature into the type of specialized dinosaur with see with the spino, having the most curvature in its long rows of hooked teeth. These were, like as with modern fisherman, used to easily hook and lock in prey like large fish and smaller dinosaurs. The sail was either to absorb maximum sunlight while floating just below the surface of the water, or to signal mates and other males as to territory. Perhaps both or neither. Some even think it's more hump than sail, but who knows. We may never get an answer on that.

And again, dinosaurs were much more timid and quiet than Jurassic Park. I'm just changing the noises around if I was the Hollywood-guy stuck doing the sound-work on these overly chatty dinosaurs. In all honestly, it would be more hissing and growingly and chirping and thumping. But since that's not shown here, it's not like I can just have bare silence when the screen shows dramatic roaring. Apologies for that. Anyways, enjoy.
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