i paid $30 for an illegal minecraft mod...

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TommyInnit plays Minecraft on a stupidly expensive Minecraft Mod. It was actually mental.

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- incredible yet terrible mod coded by the legendary: @Biscuit - Minecraft
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Today I played Minecraft with a $30 Illegal Mod. It was super fun and great and awesome but also a bit Poggers.

It is all on Vanilla Minecraft Although this isn't a Minecraft Challenge, or Minecraft But, or Minecraft Speedrun / Speedrunner, it is an Illegal Minecraft Mod, which ultimately is even more awesome if you ask me. This video is funny and fun and I have extreme proof because I made the video and I think it is.

Reminder: This is not illegal or hacking. Do not use hacks or cheats on any Minecraft servers because it makes the game less fun. Do not be a fool.

You just read my words. Thank you so much! You are POG CHAMP
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