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Watch the official lyric video for First15 Worship’s “Hide and Seek” feat. Nikki Moltz.

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Same old cycle
I’m afraid to hear your voice
I’m distant, lonely
How’d I let it get like this

When all I’ve needed
Is for you to come in closer
Are you disappointed
That I keep on running

Like an endless game of hide and seek
Where I go you’re always following

You say
Come out, Come Out
Wherever you are
You don’t need to hide
Step out of the dark
Nothing on earth could keep us apart 
You’re fully known
And fully loved

If I'm honest
I’ve felt safer in the dark
Complacent, frozen
Never moving forward

But you come
And you call
With love so liberating
You offer healing 
You tell me
You don’t have to live 


So into your loving arms I’m running
And all of my fears just fall away
Cause I know you’re always up to something
There’s no reason left to wait

And after the darkness comes the morning
Just like a step out from the grave
You came to turn my shame to glory  
When you called out my name

Come out come out 
Wherever you are
There's no need to hide or cover your scars
I moved heaven and earth to be where you are
You’re fully known
And fully loved

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