Global National: March 18, 2021 | 2 Michaels set to face trial in China

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Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig are preparing to stand trial. They have spent 829 days in jail in China, accused of spying. The two men were detained separately in December 2018. Their arrests are widely seen as retaliation for the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in British Columbia. She was arrested at the request of the United States, accused of violating American sanctions. But the two situations couldn’t be more different. She is out on bail living in a multi-million dollar home in Vancouver, while the two Canadians have had limited contact with their families and the outside world for more than two years. As Abigail Bimman explains, the timing of the long-awaited trials is not a coincidence.

The trials of Spavor and Kovrig puts the spotlight on our federal government and exactly what it is doing to help the two Canadians. David Akin joins us to take a look at what a lot of Canadians are thinking: Why doesn’t Canada just trade Meng for the two Michaels?

Turning now to allegations of sexual misconduct in the military. One of the most senior women in the military spoke to Global News about her personal experiences and why she’s walking away. In part two of our exclusive interview, Eleanor Taylor talks about the harm associated with reporting the abuse and why it’s so important to end the silence. Mercedes Stephenson has more.

Canada is getting a big vaccine boost from the The White House says it will lend Canada million doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. The Biden administration is under pressure from allies worldwide to share vaccines particularly from AstraZeneca. Jackson Proskow has more.

Today, Europe’s health regulator declared the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine safe and effective. There were concerns when a small percentage of people suffered blood clots after they received the shot. That prompted more than a dozen countries to suspend use of the vaccine. As Crystal Goomansingh reports, the vaccination campaign is back on track.

Ontario is bearing the brunt of the mutated forms of the virus. It has the most cases of the variants compared to the rest of the provinces. But those variants are taking hold in much of western Canada. Nearly all of Saskatchewan’s COVID-19 cases are from the variant and they’re concentrated in Regina. As Roberta Bell reports, there are calls for more restrictions.

There’s new hope for Canadians suffering from intolerable pain. A bill expanding access to assisted death has received royal assent. Those who aren’t near their natural death now have the right to seek medical assistance in dying. Heather Yourex-West reports.

The exclusive Atlantic travel bubble is making a comeback. Round two is expected to begin in April, once again allowing only locals to move freely while restricting outsiders from visiting. A spike in COVID-19 cases in November burst the bubble, but as Ross Lord reports with vaccinations on the rise there’s renewed hope in this part of Canada.


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