[French Baking Class Recipe] Extra Rich! Triple Chocolate Soft Bread

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How do French chefs make the chocolate soft bread in baking class? Now you can learn it for free by watching this video! The lockdown time is great to learn something new while keeping safe, right? Let's do it!
0:00 1st step of dough preparation
0:27 2nd step of dough preparation
1:49 Cut the dough
2:32 Add dark chocolate and roll out
2:55 Score
3:19 Baking, and result
Recipe (for 5 pieces) :
Bread flour 250g
Cold water 175g
Fresh yeast 3g
Salt 5g
Cacao powder 35g
Sugar 35g
Water 60g
Chocolate chips 150g
Proof at room temperature for 2hrs or refrigerate overnight
Cut into 140g each
Dark chocolate
Proof at room temperature for 1hr
Baking at 250C for 13-15min
Now The Silence by Juan Sánchez
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