????FORTNITE ITEM SHOP UPDATE ???? Countdown ⚡ LIVE - 23rd July 2020 (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Item Shop Fortnite - Fortnite Item Shop Today - Item Shop Update - Item Shop Update LIVE ????????
Live Item Shop Right Now - Fortnite Item Shop Countdown LIVE ⚡ Thursday Item Shop Countdown
Item Shop Chapter 2 Season 3 Fortnite Item Shop Today Thursday 23rd July ???? New Fishsticks
Black Manta fortnite today - Maybe Sledge - NEW Yellow Jacket Pack Style - Item Shop
When are the cars in fortnite? Fortnite Cars update 1st - 15th August (delayed) ????????????????????

*Giveaway will be an add to my Epic and Skins of your choice from the item shop to a Maximum of 2000 VBucks ???? (after being added 2 day delay) (If a member wins, the prize is skins from the item shop and a game asap) Next giveaway July 24th 2020 - 300 points to qualify - !addme
to enter the giveaway. Good Luck Everyone ???? Winners picked at random via the chatbot system.

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3 Item Shop LIVE Fortnite with Viewers Custom Matchmaking & Pubs
Custom Games - Friendly Community - Daily Fortnite Locker Quiz - Fortnite item Shop Live
Custom matchmaking EU Live - Fortnite custom matchmaking - public customs EU / NA East (OK)

Welcome to the premiere source of ridiculous humour on YouTube :)

???? (PG-13) Moderated Friendly Channel ????

I started streaming December 2017, mainly to bring together a friendly youtube gaming community and have a laugh in the process ????????
Gameplay, Tips, Reviews along with friendly / amusing / positive / moderated chat.

The games currently played are: Fortnite Battle Royale & STW, CSGO, CoD Warzone More Games Soon ????

???????? Add Me on Epic or Twitter or Support a Creator: MENAMESCHO

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???? Top 3 July ????

1. ???? Jack ????
2. Crossed Jeff
3. TBA

All donations gratefully received, thank you for your support ????????

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