Finally Good News For The UNCHARTED Movie!

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Catch up on the latest news including Uncharted Movie starring Tom Holland, Kill Bill 3 with Zendaya?, The Batman Spin-Off Series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Halloween Kills and Obi-Wan Kenobi Series with Darth Vader?...

Actually, the shooting of the "Uncharted" filming was supposed to start in March. However, due to the pandemic, the project, which had been affected by several director changes, had to be put on hold, like many others. Tom Holland, who plays the leading role as Nathan Drake, shared the first official picture of the start of the shooting with the hashtag #uncharted on Instagram a few days

Almost a year has passed since the release of "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" and fans are slowly asking themselves: with which film will the star director Quentin Tarantino conclude his lifework? The "Kill Bill" actress Vivica A. Fox might have an answer to this question, because the actress of Vernita Green talked about a possible sequel in a recent interview with NME. And even though she herself will probably only be seen in flashbacks, she has a suggestion who could take over the role of her film daughter Nikki, namely "Spider-Man: Homecoming" actress

As Variety and other major US magazines report, "The Batman" will not only stand on its own, but mark the beginning of a new DC universe. Next to the blockbuster, a DC crime series by "Sopranos" maker Terence will be produced. The name hasn't been officially decided yet, but the title "Gotham Central" is currently in the news. In terms of content, the main focus will be on the vigilantes in Gotham City, which is why we can very well imagine Jeffrey Wright's appearance as commissioner

A new "Star Wars" movie by Taika Waititi is still in the making, but without an official announcement. All the more reason for fans of the franchise to look forward to a new animation series called "The Bad Batch"! The plot is about the elite troop of the Clone Army, which already appears in season 7 of "The Clone Wars" series. So it's also clear: "The Bad Batch" ties in directly with "The Clone Wars".
The so-called Clone Force 99 consists of elite fighters, each of them is genetically modified by a

Recently it became clear: Michael Myers will not teach us to fear this year, because "Halloween Kills" has been postponed to October 15, 2021. To make this "horror" message a little bit more bearable for fans, a first teaser was released. In addition, John Carpenter, the director of the first "Halloween" movie from 1978, revealed in an interview that the number of deaths in the new movie will be significantly higher than in its

It has been known for quite some time that Disney+ wants to please the "Star Wars" fans with an Obi-Wan series. As the website LRM now seems to have found out from a reliable source, another "Star Wars" actor besides Ewan McGregor will return to the camera, namely Hayden Christensen. The 39-year-old hadn't appeared in the franchise since "Star Wars: Episode 3", and as they say, he's not supposed to take on a small role either, but will return as Anakin

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