Fastest Way To Get the BATTLE BUS in Rocket League! | All Llama-Rama CHALLENGES & REWARDS

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Lawler breaks down the first event after Rocket League has gone free to play. The Llama Rama event goes from Sept 26 - Oct 12th, where you have to complete certain challenges to obtain items. After earning that item, you must equip it and complete another challenge. Doing this multiple times eventually leads you to unlocking the Battle Bus, a new vehicle with the Merc hitbox. Lawler shows you the fastest way to complete your challenges, as well as showcases some of the items he got from drops.

Llama Rama Details:

0:00 - Intro
0:41 - Llama-Rama Event & Challenges
1:15 - How the Event Works
3:35 - Fastest Way to Complete Challenges
4:24 - Battle Bus Details
5:39 - Reward Items (Rare Drop x2, Uncommon Drop x2, Very Rate Drop x1)
7:28 - 2 Things: Favorite Feature & A Bug
8:15 - A Rant About Fortnite X Rocket League
9:31 - Let Me Know What You Think/Outro
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