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Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die - A debt collector gets involved in a dangerous situation when a corrupt businessman he retrieved 100,000 dollars for doesn't want to pay him his usual percentage for his services.

Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die (1971)
Director: Roberto Bianchi Montero (as Roberto Montero)
Writers: Mario Guerra (story & screenplay), Vittorio Vighi (story & screenplay) (as Vittoriano Vighi)
Stars: Brad Harris, José Torres, Gisela Hahn
Genre: Western
Country: Italy
Language: English
Release Date: 5 March 1971 (Italy)
Also Known As: Arriva Durango paga o muori (subtitle Durango Is Coming Pay Or Die)

Brad Harris is a debt collector named Durango. He’s expensive, but effective. He gives debtors 10 seconds to pay up. And he always keeps 10 percent.

Then he arrives in Tucson, gets suspicious about a man wearing an eye patch, and winds up retrieving $100,000 in stolen bank money.

Bank President Ferguson (Gino Lavagetto) balks at Durango’s fee. But Durango convinces him to pay.

That night, Ferguson’s henchmen steal back Durango’s share. And when it looks like Durango’s going to continue to be a problem, he’s framed and tossed in jail with El Tuerto (Jose Torres), the man who masterminded the bank robbery in the first place.

They break out, and hotel manager Margot (Gisela Hahn) fills Durango in on what’s happening in Tucson.

Ferguson lends money to everyone, it seems. Then he demands payment, far sooner than they can afford. When they can’t pay, he seizes their property. It happened with her own father, who once owned the hotel. Now he’s dead and she works for Ferguson.

Before long, the debt collector and the bandit are working together. Written by Mark Franklin on

"This spaghetti western is one which seems to be surprisingly obscure. I've no real idea why this should be but it's certainly not an inferior product anyway. Admittedly, it really brings nothing new to the table but it delivers the usual ingredients in a perfectly decent enough manner. It revolves around three characters of a type that populate countless Italian westerns - a loner with amazing weapons skills, an unscrupulous banker and a dangerous yet lovable Mexican bandit. While its setting of a small town under the rule of immoral criminals, who are only set free with the help of a slightly less amoral character, is a scenario that has been told umpteen times. But sometimes more of the same is okay and, well, this is more of the same there's no doubt about that.

The title character is a debt collector called Durango played by Brad Harris. It does have to be said that he seems extremely ill suited to play a character such as this in a western. This muscle-bound actor replete with impressive six-pack seems out of place here, and would be better suited to action movies and peplums. He also lacks much in the way of charisma and so this tree trunk of a man is miscast in my view. The other characters are a bit better, although the chap who played the evil banker seemed a little too Latin to really convince as a character called Ferguson! Still, these are minor gripes in the grand scheme of things and you'd be correct to wonder just why in hell I am even complaining about them. I'm wondering that too and I've just written them. No, the most important thing is that this film takes us from A to B on a well-worn spaghetti western path and it does it successfully, if unadventurously. It's certainly a film that deserves to be more widely seen though and is ultimately another successfully entertaining bit of Italian Americana." Written by Red-Barracuda on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Arriva paga o muori
Argentina (poster title): Viene paga o muere
Brazil: Na Mira do Paga ou Morre
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title): Дуранго идва: плати или умри
France: Durango encaisse ou tue
UK (TV title): Arriva Durango paga o muori (subtitle Durango Is Coming Pay Or Die)
USA: Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die


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