Deathrow Silence - Embrace This River (Official Audio)

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How long have I been here?
Sat staring at the water.
The sky keeps telling lies.
I shall fall in dirt to rise above.
It's an eternal aimless duel between the water and me, fighting upon a subtle balance.
She bathes me while I corrupt her, by my nature limited and not very clear, so that when we meet, we contaminate each other.
Envy I feel, betrayed by my condition, cause the water flows immortal.
The fibers of my victory stretch my skin.
I will make all this abomination.
The eyes of God won't dare to see, how easy it is for a beast like me.
The eyes of won't dare to see.
This water is as pure as newborn child, the one i once was.
The river flows on every peril while I've always crawled in worms.
The light hugs it like a son, burning my eyes, blinding my hopes.
The eyes of God won't dare to see, how its purity i will cease.
I love this and this I hate, like I love myself and myself I hate.
The true sin is denial of such a simple perfection.
Hang me with a smile in my face for this is my revenge.
Purity changed into chaos. Embrace the river to the sea.
I wanted everything, then I chose nothing!
This is a requiem!
This is the revenge!
The rejection of any redemption!
The refusal of every forgiveness!
The shit I spit to your face!
The chant I sing to your might!
This is a requiem!
This is a requiem for the worthless son of god!
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