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Whoever has been to a waterfall will never forget the wonderful sound of falling water, the sounds of nature that surround all that beauty. Contact with nature in its pure form. The relaxing moment of being under that falling water, where the only sound you hear is the force of the water in contact with your body.

The sound of the waterfall relaxes your body and soul. Throw in thoughts and memories of the moments lived in such a pleasant and wonderful environment, where contact with Nature is intoxicating.

That relaxing and calming sound, the noise of waterfall, added to the sound of birds, running water, falling water and all the other wonderful sounds provided by nature, with its inexhaustible and most diverse sounds, providing moments of peace, rest , refreshment in the mind, relaxation of body and soul and enables a deep sleep; sleep deeply by truly relaxing.

And, our “icing on the cake” is the totally dark canvas. Tela Preta, together with the sound of a natural waterfall, is relaxation and rest for your body and mind. For your moment of meditation, of communion with nature.


????Sounds of Nature and Waterfall - Running water - Sound of falling water
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Welcome to the Sons of Nature Channel !!!

There is peace to be in the middle of nature and really, it calms and its sounds enchant and relax us. If for a moment we stop to feel nature, we can notice how peaceful it is and how in small details we can learn wonderful things.

Nature's sound is music to our ears and we need to hear it! Nature is the most beautiful and perfect poem to be read, it is the most beautiful painting that we can see, touch and feel. The silence that the wind brings, the birdsong and the delicious noise of rain keep us away from reality.

Beautiful landscapes, animals and the most wonderful Sounds of Nature. And relaxing music to bring peace, calm and relaxation to your life!

Have a good time!!!
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