Building a Lego Tank (no music, no filters)

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Re-upload without background music or old film look since many of you didn't like those. Better now? I also edited it a bit longer. The build is a radio-controlled Lego tank (or a self propelled gun?, idk) that launches Lego soccer balls (= Lego GBC balls) using a rubber band powered gun.

Tank specs:
Wheels: 12
Motors: 5x Lego XL motor, 2x Lego M motor
Batteries: 2x Lego Power Functions Battery box
Weight: 1850 grams
Ammo magazine capacity: 6
Ammo: Sports Soccer Ball Plain x45
Rubber band: Theraband Gold
Remote control:
2x SBrick
BrickController 2 app (Android)
PlayStation 4 wireless controller
Left Stick: Left wheels forward/backward
Right Stick: Right wheels forward/backward
D-Pad: Gun up/down
Action buttons: Gun draw/unwind, Gun ammo insert and lock/release
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