Battle Pass: Season 3 is Here!

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Battle Pass Season 3 is now available in World of Tanks! Two legendary commanders await recruitment, Jack Reed and Nikolay Samokhin. As always, Colonel Barnes will tell their harrowing stories.

Nikolay Samokhin, the commander of the IS-4 "Newt," was the Deputy Commander of the Marine Tank Battalion. He was known by tankers to be experienced and reliable. Samokhin made sure to take responsibility for his mistakes, and he was always ready to go into the heart of the battle to save his fellow tankers.

Jack Reed was the brave, hot-headed, and very lucky commander of the T110E5 "Condor." Although he behaved bravely on the battlefield, he could be considered by some to be reckless. Reed could take on any enemy by himself, but he would never deny help from an ally.
By a twist of fate, both commanders were near El Halluf while on separate secret missions. Both of them found themselves in a tricky situation against superior enemy forces.

Can they join forces and find a way out of this ordeal? Found out in Battle Pass Season 3!

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