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Official Music Video Release of Shashwot Khadka's "Batash".

Written, Composed and Performed by: Shashwot Khadka

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Music Credits:
Singer: Shashwot Khadka
Produced by: Sanjeev Tamang

Video Credits
Director: Bigyan Karki, Roshan Paudel
Videographer: Om Gorkhali (Sachin), NIshan Dahal, Nagendra Dahal
Editor: Roshan Paudel,
Color Correction: Bidur Dahal (Beatmandu)
Managed by: Trendee Branding X vfactory
Models: Remon Subedi, Supriya Thapa
Digital Strategist: Diwas Agasti

Bigyan Karki:

Roshan Paudel:

Copyright © 2020 Shashwot Khadka. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized replication, reproduction in whole or in part in any manner of any content related to this video including reaction videos is not permitted without the permission of the copyright owner.
The materials contained are protected by United States copyright law and may not be distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written consent of Shashwot Khadka. Please get in touch with the owner at his business email.

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