ARION Ft. Noora Louhimo - Bloodline (2020 // OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO // AFM Records

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ARION - Bloodlines feat. Noora Louhimo (2019) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

Video directed & produced by: André Rodriguez

Music Produced by Matias Kupiainen
Recorded by Matias Kupiainen and Elmo Syrjäläinen, 5by5 Studios & Sonic Pump Studios
Mixed by Adam ”Nolly” Getgood
Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic

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Songwriting Credits:
Music & Lyrics: Iivo Kaipainen
Original Publisher: Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH

Fallen to hell, denied of freedom
We bear a curse, we’re meant to crawl and waste away
Drought in our well, nothing to feed on
Waiting to die, watching the countdown to our fate

We are all children of mother earth
Sentenced to die here - we’re done, we all must burn

We had one life, we had our pride
We did our time - we were meant to waste away
Killed by cruel crimes, thousands of lives
Drowned in your lies - we were meant to fade away
We’re not alone and we fear no more
We raise our banner, we fight for our own
We are your kind, we are your bloodline

We’re playing god, we’re superstitious
Fear in our hearts we sacrifice our true beliefs
We’re stealing lives, we deal perdition
The same old mistakes our kind continues to commit

We are all children of mother earth
Spilling the poison on our fallen world
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