Alcohol Ink Pendants Hack - No Inks? No Yupo? No Problem!

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Alcohol ink pendants - you want to have a go but you've got no alcohol inks, you aren't sure if you want to buy any because they are expensive and you have no idea if you'll enjoy using them.

Alcohol inks are expensive to buy and if you are new to it, who knows if you will take to it? This tutorial is to show you my alcohol ink hack - it's so easy and much cheaper to experiment with than buying lots of alcohol inks.

This is great fun to do and you'll be surprised by the results. And best of all, you don't need any art skills. You'll love what you can do with this technique.

As usual, I'm giving away a free printable with this tutorial. The link to my website is on the endscreen of the video.

Have a go at this amazing alcohol ink hack and who knows, you may want to go further and actually move into using the inks as well.
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