A Rollercoaster of Emotions | Critical Role C2E140 Highlights & Funny Moments

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This one's a bit longer but I think it's also I'm preparing you all for how long the next Highlights video is gonna be lol. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this collection of my personal favorite moments from Critical Role Campaign 2 Episode 140!

Also, if you notice that all the shots of Liam are really choppy, it's because his camera just seemed to be that way in the Twitch VOD. I didn't check the YouTube VOD to see if it was the same because there was no way I was redoing all his parts at that point either way lmao. I'm sure it's not a big deal but it was personally bothering me while I was editing, so I figured I'd mention it!


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The outro song is "Know Myself" by Patrick Patrikios.

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0:00 Sam Goes to Federal Prison
0:55 Ashley's Already Panicking
1:20 There's a Good Joke Here Somewhere
1:34 Just Use Marine Layer!
1:44 Oh No I'm Sad
2:59 One Thing Went Right on This Turn
3:59 Fucking Badass
5:05 The Madman Actually Did It
5:35 Leave Veth Alone!!!!!!!!!
6:14 Yasha? Succeeding on a Wisdom Save?
6:54 The Saga of Ashley's Tiny Dice
7:26 Take A Chance
7:47 The Hunt for Sam's D20
8:26 Laura Gets an Idea
8:36 Laura Enacts Her Idea
9:43 LET CHAOS REIGN!!!!!!!
9:57 Not Exactly the Shadowgast Interaction We Want
10:26 I Said To Leave Veth Alone!!!!
10:37 Caleb Becomes a Healer
11:10 Caleb Burns Another Loved One to Death
11:38 Come On Man
12:08 Gay Forehead Touching ??
12:30 F
14:07 Aww ❤️
14:45 Caleb Continues to Be Badass
15:47 Matt Destroys Cognouza
16:07 Dear Matt: What the fuck man
16:53 It's All Good Man
17:03 Marine Layer Couldn't Save Caleb
17:22 She Did It!
17:46 [Matt Mercer Voice] HELL YEAH
19:16 Yasha :(
19:28 Heat It Up
20:40 Oop There Goes Caleb Again
21:19 "Facing You Is Death"
22:35 Thank You
23:12 Laura Prepared Revivify
24:12 Happy Pride
24:39 Essek Gets Owned LMFAO
25:06 Jester MVP
27:01 Character Growth ❤️
27:51 The Ritual Has Begun
31:02 No Fucking Way
31:47 Oh No
32:02 OH NO
32:25 Captain My Man
33:49 Heroes That No One Knows About
34:11 The Wildmother's Favorite Boy
35:06 Emotional Whiplash
35:35 Eyes Never Shut
36:06 Oh No I'm Crying
37:18 Oh No I'm Crying More
38:10 Caduceus is Still Here
38:30 The Mighty NINE
38:48 Ashley Johnson: Shit Stirrer
39:35 Fruit Salad
39:45 Oh No I'm Crying Again (Still)
40:04 Sprinkle Has Had Enough
40:18 Making a Circuit
40:42 Taliesin's Character Saved Taliesin's Character
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