6 Ways Twitch Partners GREW Their FIRST 15 Average Viewers! - 2021 Twitch Growth

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Growing on Twitch is difficult, and people give a lot of different advice so today I asked 6 Full-Time Twitch Streamers and Twitch Partners how they grew their first 15 average viewers!

You can use these tips to grow your first 15 average viewers in 2021 as well!

These tips work for people with 0 viewers and can be used to grow on Twitch, we'll be talking about a few growth strategies:

1. Doing something unique to grow on other platforms
2. What games are best for growth on Twitch
3. What Other Platforms Help Twitch Growth
4. How to encourage viewers to follow your stream, then come back next stream.

If you want to ask any of the Twitch Partners in this video more questions, they are linked below!

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0:00 Video Start
0:30 Introduction & Own3d Giveaway!
1:55 How To Grow On Twitch With Niche Games And Planning!
4:40 How To Create UNIQUE And Engaging Content On Twitch
7:20 How To Get Discovered In Game Category On Twitch
10:00 How To Use Youtube To Grow Your Twitch Stream To 15 Viewers
12:20 How To Grow A Following On Social Media And Grow Your Stream
14:50 How To Change Viewers Into Community Members And Grow On Twitch
16:30 The Most Important Thing New Streamers Need To Focus On
17:55 Own3d Giveaway And How To Enter!

How To Grow On Twitch in 2021

As I start to move into the year and see all of the different changes happening to space, I think the ability to grow on Twitch in 2021 is going to entirely come down to networking and collaborating.

The rules I explained last year to growth will always be the core to creating an audience and a community, but once you have that mixing that community with others and growing together will go a long way.

If two people both have 5 viewers raiding each other can do a lot to help boost each other's average up, if 15 - 20 people are all sitting around 5 and you make great content and network the same concept but it happens on a larger scale.

The style of this video is similar to Alpha Gaming and Gaming Careers in parts. A large influence on this series has come from content creators like Wild4games and Nutty.

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